zaheER casually throwing that one guy off a cliff


so i was rewatching this scene and -

i am a serious gifmaker

I like how even zaheer was like “yah unalaq was a dick” 


you know when i imagined mako and korra getting a hotel room it wasn’t like this

Can we just talk about zaheer for a good hour


Happy Friday! This got posted a little bit early!

Watch Book 3, Episode 9 “The Stakeout” on RIGHT HERE!


how did the hotel concierge not find it inappropriate that 4 teenagers were sharing a closet hotel room


Wait wheres the 9th episode at ;__; It says the page is missing at


I’ve started to realize just how little of the stuff that I draw ever gets seen by anyone but me.

So, since I was frustrated with everything I drew today, I thought I’d dredge up some old scraps that I never figured out how to finish. Enjoy the scribbles! (if you don’t want to see these in-process pieces of unfinished sketches, I’m tagging them as “megan doodles” so you can add it to your blacklist.)


literally their entire dynamic in one screencap


My neck is not the saaaame with-o-out yooooooou ~~*~**